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A Discussion with Yuki Investments' O. Jeffrey Collett

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We caught up with O. Jeffrey Collett, Advisory Committee Member and US-based client contact at Tokyo-based Yuki Investments, for an update on how Japanese companies how been approaching the Covid crisis, the adjustments Yuki made earlier this year that have supported outperformance YTD, as well as a snapshot of what the team sees ahead in the second half for their Japan growth equities universe.

Japanese health officials never fully shut the Japanese economy down during Covid, but rather aggressively threw resources at clusters as they emerged. Employment and incomes also largely remained intact. Jeffrey points to the significant capex made last fiscal year in a number of high growth sectors as supporting earnings this fiscal year and that Japanese companies' relatively strong cash positions have helped them weather this challenging period and position themselves for future growth.

Please find a recording of this podcast below. Hope you enjoy:


This appearance does not constitute an offer to buy or sell and is not and solicitation or an enticement to invest. Jeff's opinions expressed are not investment advice and are for the sole purpose of relating general opinion of the Japanese market information and political landscape. Jeff is a General Securities Principal at Yuki-Co, LLC and holds interests in all funds and companies discussed. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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