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NMG 2020 Global Asset Management Study Kicking Off

Updated: May 18, 2020

6th Interview Cycle to Take Place Through June-end

For the third year, Tamarack is carrying out interviews for NMG's Global Asset Management Study, about to kick-off its 6th Cycle and supported by a dozen of the world’s largest asset managers.

The study relies on executive interviews with key decision makers to provide the asset managers with key insights and targets for industry improvement.

The unprecedented events surrounding COVID-19 will have unforeseen consequences on our industry. Asset managers are curious about your insights and feedback as they respond to the changing market dynamics. The 6th Cycle questionnaire includes a short series of questions related to the impact of COVID-19 into the interview process. . 

Those who join the study will gain one year's access to NMG's interactive PowerBI interface that highlights asset allocation patterns, global manager rankings, and insights on ESG preferences for retail and institutional investors.

If you are involved in evaluating external investment strategies and would like to join the 2020 Global Asset Management study, by all means get in contact at

With regards, Paul

For your reference I have included additional context on the study below.

The NMG Global Asset Management is sponsored by ~12 of the largest asset management firms and is now entering its 6th year

  • The study is conducted in 14 markets globally and relies on ~1250 executive interviews with key retail and institutional decision makers and over 2000 online adviser surveys

  • The study focuses on questions of investment trends, investment preferences, placement factors, and the views of asset managers

  • This study is embedded in the decision-making process of the asset managers and this year we have been working with the asset managers to help the study’s influence grow

  • Your feedback is confidential, it will be used anonymously to help shape asset manager propositions

  • In return for participating in an interview, we share study findings with you as well as insights from other initiatives we undertake in the asset management industry. We value your time and expertise and it is our aim to provide you with at least as much feedback and value as you provide to us.

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