About Us

Tamarack was founded in 2014 to support US- and Asia-based investment managers, running a range of hedged, long-only and private markets strategies, as they build relationships with institutional investors worldwide.


We raise the profiles of emerging managers and niche strategies among allocators globally and help facilitate investor due diligence.


Manager Capabilities

Hedge Funds

Tamarack works with single strategy managers, as well as specialist multi-manager strategies to access a range of hedge funds in the U.S., Greater China, Japan, India and elsewhere in Asia.

Japanese Growth Equity

We work with a Tokyo-based growth specialist for Japan long-only equity. Our manager leverages a deep research database built over decades covering Japanese growth companies and a rigorous on-going local research effort. The team seeks impact from research time spent by constructing concentrated, benchmark-agnostic portfolios.

Private Markets

We've been active in areas ranging from kids-focused media and entertainment to Vietnam commercial and industrial real estate, to lower mid-market U.S. tech buyouts.

Tamarack Investment Partners, LLC


Train Commute

Adrift on steel tracks

Crossing the Tamagawa

Willow in the sway

- Riding the Toyoko "Kyukou" Express, Tokyo, c. 1990


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